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Bunches of bananas wrapped in plastic. A pre-peeled orange in a plastic box. Shrink-wrapped cucumbers.Over-packaged food has been bothering shoppers for years and supermarkets have responded by looking for alternatives to all that plastic.But now MPs … Read More >>
Published:2019/11/4 18:16:06
It follows the fast-food giant saying the thickness of the straws made it difficult for them to be processed and they should be put in general waste.McDonalds switched to paper in its UK branches as part of a green drive last year.Ebbw Vale-based Tran… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/24 19:20:52
Costa trials reCUP paper cup in bid to boost recyclingIf successful the cups could help improve acceptability of paper cups for out-of-store collection and recycling.Now, Costa Coffee is addressing challenges in out-of-store recycling by conducting a … Read More >>
Published:2019/10/21 23:49:00
A majority of consumers are forcing brands to cater to their on the go lifestyles, particularly with food-to-go packagingseven in 10 shoppers said convenience is more important than five years ago when it comes to shopping, and almost one in five dema… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/21 23:40:24
At the beginning of September, the marketing department was busy purchasing products for the entire second half of the marketing plan.The most important part of the promotion in the second half of the year is the time around Christmas and New Year.The… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/21 22:16:31
Food packaging serves many purposes, from protecting the food to creating portion sizes to offer information on the product.However, what is not well known about food packaging is the different types of packaging available. There are nine types, and a… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/15 22:57:49
The advantages of food packagingProtectionFood Packaging is the protector of the product packaged in it. It protects and prevents the product from hitting, wetting, and discolouring.Information about the productFood Packaging provides the consumer, in… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/15 22:16:26
The restuarant chain McDonalds is to replace plastic straws with paper straws in all of its UK and Ireland restaurants starting from September 2018. The restaurant chain, which currently uses 1.8 million straws a day in the UK have said, "Reflect… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/15 21:59:18
Food packaging plays a crucial role in product development.The packaging protects the food, ensuring the safety and quality of the product to the consumers, but it is also essential for a good marketing and communication strategy since they inform and… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/9 19:03:03
Nowadays, more and more customers use portable paper bags, in addition to the beautifully crafted portable paper bags, they are also responding to the national environmental call. So what details should the manufacturer pay attention to in the process… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/3 17:23:45
How to use the paper bag to highlight the personality of the product Enterprises generally customize portable paper bags to match their own products, how to better use the portable paper bags to highlight the characteristics of their products, today S… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/3 17:15:38
Benefits of using a wrapped paper bagNowadays, paper bags are used instead of plastic packaging in all major industries. Why is it, together with SWD Co.,ltd , analyze the benefits of paper bag packaging today!1. Environmental protectionThe production… Read More >>
Published:2019/10/3 17:05:22
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