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Food packaging: the power of attraction and brand recognition

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Date: 2019/10/9 19:03:03  Hits:
Food packaging: the power of attraction and brand recognition

Food packaging plays a crucial role in product development.

The packaging protects the food, ensuring the safety and quality of the product to the consumers, but it is also essential for a good marketing and communication strategy since they inform and personify the brand at the points of sale.

Many companies, however, still do not know how to use them to win over audiences and increase sales. Thus, end up losing countless business opportunities and growth.

But how can packaging benefit a brand?

In general, the packaging is like a business card, a real invitation for consumers to get to know a product and a brand, therefore, it must be attractive thus making people want to buy the product, while also translating the essence of the company.

Let's see how packaging can benefit a brand:

Differentiate the product from competitors

Often, on a supermarket, you can identify and differentiate a product just by its colour. And this is exactly how most companies highlight their own brand from the other competitors. To do this, you have to develop a unique, exclusive packaging that is relevant to your merchandise and very different from others.

Strengthen brand image

Packaging should not only serve to attract the attention of the audience or to get prominence. It also needs to be aligned with the essence of the brand.

In this way, it is possible to strengthen the company’s image in the consumers’ minds.

They bring the company closer to consumers

Many food and catering companies attract consumers because of the unforgettable taste of their products, some fun promotion or an irreverent tv commercial. However, packaging can also be the factor that drives the public to choose an item.

This happens when people have strong empathy for the visual identity, the message and even the materials that are used in the packaging. Thus, the company is able to approach and build a relationship closer to the public, contributing to the loyalty and, consequently, to the increase in sales.

Using recyclable and sustainable Food packaging

People are increasingly aware of the social and environmental responsibility. In this context, recycling has become a worldwide concern. There is already a large part of the population that prefers to buy products with recyclable packaging. So, companies are now trying to tailor the materials they use to this new reality, thus showing that they also care about the nature and the future of their customers, building a more intimate and human relationship with them.

Packaging is a great way to generate value and, in this sense, sustainable packaging is a universal trend. Several establishments in different niches are betting on the ecological material to pack their products.

Sustainable packaging is one that does not have such an impact on the environment. That is: are packages made with the recyclable or reusable material. Also, the eco-packaging can also have a different shape or design, to reduce the waste of its content.

Here are some reasons to invest in sustainable packaging:

It reinforces a positive concept for the consumer

Most consumers appreciate companies that invest in green packaging. This action reinforces the company’s concern for the environment. This reflects undoubtedly on the reputation of the company since it gains the attention and the loyalty of consumers

It is a worldwide trend

Large companies from around the world are now investing in ecological packaging, such is the receptivity of the public with this type of initiative. If the big players of the market are adopting this tendency so should you and your company.

It is good for the environment

Of course, the ecological packaging is much less aggressive to the environment. Every little action helps in preserving our planet and therefore investing in sustainable packages is a good call for all companies concerned about our ecosystem.

Packaging is a valuable marketing tool, but the food industry has yet to fully exploit its true potential. If aspects such as functionality and aesthetics are already big focus points for most companies, the promotional element still has a long way to go.


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